Poisonous Plants & Branches

Lots of house plants and plants in nature are poisonous to rabbits. You can not rely on the instinct of domesticated rabbits to not eat poisonous plants, therefore you must secure, both inside and outside, so rabbits are unable to get to any poisonous plants. Before you give a plant to eat, always ensure that they are non-toxic.

Some well known poisonous plants are:
Agave, aloe vera, amaryllis, bears breeches, common arum, wood garlic, boxwood, windflower, ivy, yew tree, ferns, foxglove, geranium, gorse, elder, hyacinth, holly, lily, lupin, lily of the valley, mistletoe, narcissus, primrose, hemlock, snowdrop, thuja, belladonna, cedar and more.

Depending on the country you are living, there are many more poisonous plants.
Be sure to inform yourself specifically for your country.

Some well known poisonous branches are:
• Thuja – are poisonous.
• Yew – are poisonous.
• Coniferous shrubs and trees are not suitable.
• Stone Fruit branches – Not suitable because it is unsure if the leaves contain prussic acid.