Why no pellets?


There are many problems with feeding pellets. Because of its crumbly structure, any type of pellet will cause digestive problems. This is due to the ingredients staying very long in the digestive tract of bunnies. They absorb water causing them to swell inside the stomach and deprives the body of water. This causes stomach overloading, constipation and gas. The pellets swell in their stomach because they absorb water. The swollen pellets prevent the bunny’s digestive system from processing food. This occurs even with pellets made up of healthy ingredients.

This can get very dangerous, very quickly. When they eat pellets, they eat them too quickly, filling their stomach due to them enlarging in the stomach. This then puts extreme pressure on the internal organs and can kill the bunny very quickly.

Pellets are also bad because the bunny does not get sufficient tooth grinding due to them being not fibrous enough and being so heavily processed. The same portion of regular hay requires much more chewing and therefore is much better for the teeth.

There is no need to feed pellets if you can provide the unprocessed, natural form of the same ingredients. The most appropriate way to feed your rabbits is to provide all of their nutrients through natural, unproccessed forms of food.

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