Why is a cage or hutch not enough?

Rabbits need a lot of space to interact with one another. They have the same compulsion to move like cats. They need enough space to pursue their natural behaviours. Unfortunately the commercially available cages/hutches do not provide enough space for this.

These were adapted from an early way of keeping rabbits for meat purposes. Here, the focus was to keep as many rabbits (for their meat) as possible in a small space. The priority here was not to keep rabbits appropriately and that they had a long life. The priority was to guarantee that you can feed your family, in a time where food was not as easy to obtain as it is now. Keeping rabbits then for meat was an easy way to guarantee food for the family due to the their rapid reproductive rate.

This is an absolutely outdated method of housing rabbits. It is not acceptable any longer, in our modern time.  Many studies show that providing rabbits an appropriate amount of space, similiar to that of an indoor cat, provides a number of benefits to the rabbit’s health and well-being. There are also a number of companies specialized in developing rabbit appropriate enclosures and furniture. This looks better and is also cheaper than an outdated cage/hutch. In many countries it is normal to keep your rabbits as you would a cat.