There are different ways to transport your rabbit. They vary in size and colour. A transport box is essential, eg. when you visit the vet. Ensure you lay a small rug or blanket inside to prevent slipping.

Requirements for a Transport Box
• Not completely dark
• Needs air vents and air holes
• Needs to be able to be thoroughly cleaned – smooth surfaces made from plastic
• Large openings at top and sides • Allows easy removal of rabbits
• Stable and suitable for the size of the rabbit
• Be large enough to allow rabbit to stretch and turn completely around inside
• Do not transport too many animals in one box at same time

It should be quite, but not completely, dark, to minimize the stress. It should not be completely dark as animals feel safer if they are also aware of what it happening. There must be enough air vents or air holes. Often they catch infectious germs: therefore to not put the rabbits in risk, the box has to be able to be thoroughly disinfected and made from a smooth, plastic surface.
The box should have large openings, ideally at the top and sides. So that the rabbit can be easily taken out and not pulled out. The box must be stable and suitable for the weight of your animal.
It must be large enough to allow the rabbit to stretch and turn around inside completely.
Also suitable are small transport boxes for cats or dogs. Especially for giant rabbit breeds.
Do not transport too many animals in one box at the same time.

Unsuitable transport systems

Wicker Cat Carry Basket
They can be gnawed and if the rabbit urinates, it will leak. After transporting a sick animal, these wicker baskets are very difficult to disinfect.

Open Carry Bags
Very difficult to disinfect and do not provide enough stability for the animal. They also have a high risk of suffocating the animal. Because it is an open transport system, there is a risk the animal could jump out, even if it is covered by a blanket.

Open Boxes and Baskets
Here also there is a risk of the animal jumping out, even if covered by a blanket. Other animals at the vet often scare you rabbits. From a basket, they could potentially jump out and injure themselves.

Closed Cardboard Boxes
If you have a longer drive, the animals can urinate inside them, which will soften the cardboard. You then have a risk when the box is lifted that the floor will break through. Also the rabbits could gnaw the cardboard and flee. If you have to use a cardboard box in an emergency it is extremely important that you make lots of air holes and vents.

They are heavy, difficult to carry and do not give the animal the necessary protection. If it is cold, they can become hypothermic and because of the air flow they can develop a cold. In an emergency, lay a blanket or a cloth over it. You should only ever use a cage in an emergency as a transport box. The animals have too much room, therefore when driving, there is a high risk that the animals will slide around, resulting in injury from the wire.

Transport Boxes made from Fabric
Only suitable if they offer enough stability and if they are able to be disinfected and cleaned.

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